Welcome to the extraordinary world of Corten grills, where masterful craftsmanship meets a passion for detail and precision. Each grill is meticulously handcrafted with love, ensuring not only stunning aesthetics but also exceptional functionality. Discover the enchantment of KEDAR Corten grills and bring a unique touch of elegance and style to your outdoor space.

Welcome the KEDAR grill into your family

Allow us to introduce you to the innovative concept of the Kedar grill, the only grill on the market featuring an air inlet to the firebox, a removable ashtray, and a grate broken in the center of the firebox. Every detail, no matter how small, was carefully considered in its design!

We stand by this product and are confident it will find a place in your heart, becoming your companion for family gatherings or get-togethers with friends.

Take it Seriously, Grill with Joy!

Serious about food preparation, yet never compromising on fun. Maintaining stringent hygiene standards while ensuring a memorable culinary experience. Meet the KEDAR Corten grill: crafted from premium materials, available in diverse designs and sizes - perfect for both passionate enthusiasts and seasoned BBQ professionals! Elevate your cooking game with KEDAR Corten grill.

inovative concept + safe + original corten


Uncover the Key Features of Kedar Grills

Our grills are not just about cooking; they're about creating memorable experiences with friends and family. With features like a durable steel plate, unique air intake, and ash removal system, along with a variety of additional grates, we're here to make your grilling journey effortless and enjoyable.

Unique BBQ plate

The curved design of the steel plate, bending towards its center, prevents oil from leaking around the grill. Excess grease is directed into the fire, where it promptly burns away. This ensures that only essential amounts of grease remain under the grilled food, preventing unnecessary overcooking and making grilling healthier compared to flat surfaces or directly on grates. The plate is not firmly attached to the grill shell, preventing oil from seeping into the Corten steel. As a result, the grill remains as good as new. 

Expand Your Grilling Horizons with Additional Grates

Whether you crave quick-toasted buns, perfectly seared steaks, or savory stews, we've got attachments to elevate your grilling experience. The massive steel two-part grate is a perfect addition, not only enlarging the grilling surface but primarily enabling grilling over an open flame. This can be utilized for quickly toasting bread, searing steaks, or achieving a greater smoky aroma in prepared dishes. The taller design of the grate allows for convenient wood placement.

Easy Ash Removal

The cylindrical removable Corten ashtray simplifies grill maintenance for you. No sweeping or vacuuming of ash will distract you from grilling. The ash spontaneously falls through the grate at the bottom of the combustion chamber directly into the ashtray, which only needs to be removed and emptied occasionally.

Unique Air Intake Mechanism

Thanks to the unique patented air supply to the combustion chamber, you don't have to worry about smothering the burning wood and the associated excessive smoke. The draft is optimized for ideal combustion without the need for regulation.






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